Wednesday, June 20, 2012


(hhmmmm...first post in the blog! How difficult!! Where to begin???)

Let´s start by introducing myself! I am a Spanish girl living in Amsterdam for over a year now.

How did I end here? Many have heard the was the summer of 2008 in Pollensa, Mallorca where I was spending my summer holidays with one of my best friends. Through some common friends I met a very attractive, intelligent, tall, blonde dutch guy and though there was a spark, it wasn´t until much later that we actually started dating. To make the story short, I was living in Madrid, he was living in Geneva and we ended living together in Amsterdam!

Why the blog?? I am a blog lover. I find it very entertaining to follow all my fashion, beauty, decoration and lifestyle blogs. And what triggered my decision was a conversation I had this weekend with a dear old friend which can be summarized as: Blogging is the future, are you in or out??

Why Insider?? Because I think the best way to get to know about something (a city, fashion, cosmetics, etc..) is always via an insider, and I have decided to share all my insider knowledge (and not only from Amsterdam) and to share other insiders´ knowledge!



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