Monday, July 23, 2012

A Day at the Park 2012

Don´t be misguided by the title of the post. It is not about a peaceful and quiet day in a park, it is about one of the best summer festivals in Amsterdam!

A Day at the Park takes place every year in the Amsterdamse Bos, a forest just outside Amsterdam. I was expecting something very simple and was positively surprised by what I saw! Excellent organization (shuttle bus to get there, plenty of places for food and drinks, etc..), 3 different stages, a marketplace, mojito ice creams, Jamie Oliver´s Fifteen, average age low thirties, warm sunny day,.... Have I convinced you for next year´s edition??? :-)

It is the first time I ever go to a festival and after this one, I am festival-lover!

My festival outfit? Hunter wellies, Zara black jeans, Zara skeleton T-shirt, Zara necklace, GAP sweatshirt, Bag from a small shop in Saint Jean de Luz, Sunglasses from Hard Rock Punta Cana.


  1. menudo planazo!!! yo el año que viene me lo apunto!!!

  2. That looks absolutely great!!!
    kisses dear!

    you can visit me if you like!!!