Monday, July 16, 2012

Beauty - Agua Cutanea Aquilea

I´ve been using this product for many years now (and I am its BIGGEST FAN). In the last couple of days I´ve found myself recommending it to many different people, so I thought it clearly deserved a post for itself!

 What is it exactly? Agua Cutanea from Aquilea is a toning lotion as well as a miracle-worker!! As a toning lotion, it is ideal for oily skins, but as miracle-worker it is THE SOLUTION when an ill-timed spot appears in your face. In this case, just get some cotton, soak it in Agua Cutanea, and press it against your unwelcomed friend! I promise you will have the situation under control in the next few hours!! (this applies for teenagers and grown-ups, both women and men!)

This product is from a Spanish company and you can buy it in any pharmacy in Spain. For those of you living abroad, you can get it shipped here, or most Spanish online pharmacies.

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  1. yey!!! thanks for sharing!!!! I have been looking forever for something that really works against unwelcomed spots ;)