Friday, August 17, 2012

Dutch & Agendas. Part 1: Work

When I first arrived to Amsterdam, I had no idea about the Dutch love for organized lives, both professionally and socially.

As a good Spaniard, I tend to improvisation and I feel very comfortable with it. It adds a little bit of excitement to your days and you can plan depending on your mood.

If you are Dutch or are familiar with them you can already hear the alarm bells, right? ;-)

At work I was surprised to find that on my first week at the job, I already had the whole week packed with meetings! I thought the times were kind of flexible and it was ok to arrive some minutes later if your previous meeting lasted more than expected..... How wrong was I!!! I was immediately explained that you should never be late and that I should have politely excused myself from the previous meeting!

When I was working in Spain, meetings were not planned, it was something you improvised. You didn't even need a meeting room, you could have it next to the coffee machine!

But my shock lasted only a few days, I have now successfully adopted the Dutch way of working!

My favorite agendas? Moleskine

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