Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dutch & Agendas. Part 2: Social

We have already established that it is very important to know how to manage your work agenda in order to survive in a Dutch office. But this planning doesn't end here. (Why stop at this point?) ;-)

I was completely astonished to find out that social agendas are also carefully planned in advance! So forget about improvising a lunch, a dinner, a coffee... no more I-was-passing-by-and-rang-your-bell....

You call a friend in August to arrange a dinner? The earliest date you are going to get is October!!

The good things: if one day you don´t have any plans, it´s not due to lack of friends but to premeditated relax. And you won´t find yourself at 11 pm with 7 other friends looking for a restaurant that will seat and feed you all! (surprisingly, this happens quite often in Spain...)

The bad thing: spontaneous and improvised plans are often the funnest! (of course, this is a generalisation and fortunately there are many of Dutch that plan "relax" and decide last minute that they prefer" party"!!) :-)