Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beauty Ritual

I used to work for a big multinational cosmetic company and there I learned all about a girl´s perfect beauty ritual!

1.- The first step is removing all make up (skip this step if you didn´t have any make up on). My favorite is Shu Uemura Skin Purifier. It is an oil, but surprisingly, it thoroughly cleans your skin!

2.- Cleansing your skin is the next step and you already know my favorite is Agua Cutanea.

3.- Then you have to apply a serum. A serum has double of active ingredients than the normal cream and usually doesn´t provide hydration, it just boosts the effects of the skin cream you´ll apply next. My choice: Prodigy Powercell, to prevent the skin´s aging and keep it young.

4.- My skin cream of choice varies between Aquasource Skin Perfection (if my skin is in desperate need of deep hydration), and Skin Ergetic (if I´ve had a frantic day and I need an anti-fatigue), both from Biotherm

5.- Finally, you apply eye cream softly tapping your fingers in upper and lower lids. I use this Roll-on from Garnier, which contains caffeine and immediately de-puffs your eyelids, providing a fresh and relaxed look

As an extra to this ritual, once a week it is good to do a micro-peeling. My good friend Laura introduced me to Mary Kay and its micro-peeling kit leaves your skin reeeeally soft!

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