Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hamburger Challenge - The Butcher

The challenge started in The Butcher, in the very busy Albert Cuyp market. (specially if you go during the weekend, like I did)

A tip on finding it: if you are walking through the market, you will inevitably be distracted by all the market stands and you will miss it. I do recommend to take the sidewalk, otherwise your hunger will grow exponentially with the vision of so much food and the image of a hamburger in your mind!

Once in The Butcher, you will find yourself in an open-kitchen space and a couple of tall tables. The procedure is quite simple: get your tall table, check the menu, order at the cash and watch while your order is being cooked in front of you.

Not easy to choose from this original menu (love the" Who let the dogs out" one!)

 Starring, The Daddy:

The Butcher with Cheese:

  Confirmed!!!!!! MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!
(also the french fries with mayo)


Location: excessively busy
Menu: very original, for everyone (beef, lamb, chicken, veggie..)
Hamburger: both were mouth-watering
Service: very nice
Price: 8 - 12€ per person (with drink and fries)

As this is the first restaurant, it gets the TOP 1 position until challenged!

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