Sunday, December 9, 2012

My favorite apps - TVShow Time

Yes, there is no point in hiding it, I love technology. I am not an expert buy I embrace any new advances in the field.

I am also what marketeers call an early adopter, so any NEW gadget, program, app, etc is likely to cause desire and make me jump around in excitement. And what I enjoy the most? Sharing it with whoever I think might be interested!

Before sharing the app, I must explain another thing: I love TV series! Yes, it started as I child with A-team and Michael Knight and is lately manifesting itself with CSI, Grey´s Anatomy, Revenge, and The Vampire Diaries and a couple of other more...

So if you have a smartphone and you also are a TV series follower, this is your app: TVShow Time
Thank you to my friends Maria and Laura for sharing this great discovery with me!! ;-)

Just log in and select the shows you follow. The app will keep you updated on the dates each episode is aired and you can keep track of which ones you have already seen! Extremely useful when you are following so many series you cannot keep track of the episode numbers, or when you just can´t wait to see the next episode and you desperately need to know when will the next one be aired!

(all photos from the developer´s website Tozelabs)

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