Friday, March 15, 2013

Do you know what knolling is?

I didn´t know until today and now that I do, I can´t understand what I´ve been doing all this time!

I discovered it via Andrew Kim, the blogger behind Minimally Minimal, and in his ibook 90º, which I completely recommend!

90 Degrees

Knolling is the process of arranging like objects in parallel or 90 degree angles as a method of organization. 

Quite simple right? I think I am going to start testing it in photography! I love the result of knolling!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I must confess that a couple of years ago I switched from being a Light addict to a Zero addict.... but I like to take a sip of one and of the other ever once in a while and this ad has definitely made me choose Light more often lately!....
There are several ads in this campaign, but this one is definitely my favorite! ;-)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Restaurant Figaro - Barcelona

This weekend I was with my best girlfriends in Barcelona, we arrived late on Friday, didn't have a reservation, we were hungry and all kitchens were closed....until we bumped into this stunning restaurant that screamed: burgers and drinks!!
Perfect combination!

We happily drank mojitos and margaritas while eating the house specialty: breadless hamburgers!

Next time I visit Barcelona, Figaro will be a must!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Feet

I wasn´t really looking for shoes, but I just bumped into them in this tiny store and I couldn´t resist!

I feel like a little girl with new shoes!! (except for the little girl part! little girls don´t have credit cards!) ;-)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Stedelijk Museum - Amsterdam

Since the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam opened in September 2012, I´ve been wanting to pay it a visit!

As it is between my house and the city center, I´ve been passing by it quite often and have seen the progress of the renovation works, how they were taking care of the old building and how an extremely modern wing started to form out of it, and how the long lines formed to visit it once it opened!

About the collection, there are pieces which I really enjoyed and others which I didn´t understand at all...I will only show the ones I liked! ;-)

We eventually bumped into the museum´s cafeteria, very modern (of course), with impressive home-made cakes! Absolutely mind-blowing!!

 Have a nice week-end!!