Sunday, April 7, 2013


Recently I have started experimenting with recipes typical from Spain with a surprising high rate of success!! (surprising because I have never done it before!)

Therefore, I feel ready now for cooking a nice Paella Valenciana AND inviting my dutch friends over!!!

Of course, there are some spanish traditions that have to be followed, such as:
- while the paella is being cooked, everybody gathers around it (and the cook) while drinking some cold beers and enjoying some olives, chips, cheese, etc..
-the time of lunch being served is only orientative, spanish people tend to be distracted by one thing or another and therefore you never know at what time you will be eating, that is why the beers and the tapas are for, to keep the hunger under control
 -once the paella is finally ready, you have to leave it for up to 10min for a better taste and texture. But you can already be sitting at the table eating some salad!
- Beer goes great with paella, but wine is also very nice with it!
- USUAL FINAL RESULT: a very happy group of people!
(Dessert is only for the brave with unlimited stomachs, so these meals end with a nice digestive drink!)

I always invite at the time when I will start cooking the paella, but the ORIENTATIVE time of lunch is an hour and a half later!!

Are you in for paella?

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