Friday, December 6, 2013

The DIETOX Challenge

I´ve seen it lately in a lot of blogs and magazines from Spain and was dying to try it but they only delivered in Spain, so you can imagine the happy surprise when I checked their website and....taddaaaaa!!!!..... Dietox delivery to all Europe!! :-)

My smoothies arrived early in the morning, just in time for breakfast!

All the bottles come with a description (Sun Dose, Craving Antidote, Andalucian Prescription, Berry Boost, Green Cure, Dream Elixir) and with a time indication of when you drink them. 

Overall, I liked the experience, I liked how you feel after a whole day of fasting, your body just... feels good! There is only one thing I didn't like.....3 of the 6 smoothies where really disgusting undrinkable, the combination of flavours was just too strong and I couldn't even manage to drink more than a third of the bottle... Maybe its just me not being used to it...Have you also tried them?

I have mixed feelings about trying their Winter Edition.....Will I like all the flavours??

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