Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pilates Anytime

It is already a couple of years ago that I started doing Pilates. It is not a big secret that I am not really a sporty person... ;-) so Pilates is just the perfect thing for me. It is not about cardio, but about flexibility, posture, breathing and challenging your body in a very healthy way.

When I moved to Amsterdam, I couldn´t find a Pilates studio near my home with a schedule compatible with my job, so, as happens in these situations, you get creative and I found Pilates Anytime, a great website where you can find more than 1200 streaming videos of Pilates lessons.

You can choose from different levels, different instructors, different teacher trainings, apparatus, duration, etc...

My absolute favorites are the classes from instructors Kristi Cooper (I love her style and her 10 min workouts), Meredith Rogers (always challenging in a good way) and Jennifer Kries (you MUST try her Waking Energy workout)

It is only 18 USD per month and even though I regularly go to a pilates studio twice a week, I still like to do some pilates at home with Pilates Anytime!

My basic equipment, all very easy to store at home (in comparison, of course, of how difficult it would be to store a full reformer, a tower, a spine corrector, etc..!):

  • Stott Pilates Mat: without doubt, my best investment. I wouldn´t recommend a normal yoga mat, as your spine may hurt in some exercises. This one is extra thick and perfect for all exercises.
  • Theraband: perfect for traveling!
  • Magic Circle: you can´t imagine how many exercises there are for arms and legs with this simple circle!
  • Toning Balls: that can be used as weights or for balance exercises
(as you can see, I have a slight preference for the Stott Pilates by Merrithew equipment, but there are many other great brands. Just make sure you don´t go too cheap and sacrifice the quality...You don´t want to get any injuries!)

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