Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pregnancy basic beauty products

I´ve been a bit quiet for a while and that´s because....I´m pregnant!! A lot of emotions, hormones and changes going on but now I´m getting used to it (well, I´d better be, I´m 27 weeks by now!) and I wanted to dedicate some posts to being pregnant in Amsterdam.

One of the first things I started doing as soon as I found out I was pregnant was...making sure my skin was hydrated to avoid the anti-aesthetic stretch marks.

I´ve been using a cream during the day (they don´t leave marks on your clothes) and an oil during the night and up to the moment (fingers crossed it stays this way), I haven´t seen any marks appear yet!

Here is a short review about these products:

- MUSTELA Vergetures Double Action: quite a thick cream, it needs a bit of massaging but then is quickly absorbed.

- BIO-OIL: this oil not specific for pregnancy but works really well. I only don´t like that it is too oily, and the bottle is quickly

- BIOTHERM Biovergetures: also a thick cream, quickly absorbed but I don´t like the fragrance as much as the Mustela one.

- WELEDA Pregnancy Oil: Definitely my favourite! It has a very pleasant fragrance, the bottle doesn´t get all greasy and its quickly absorbed!

All of them can be easily found in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

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  1. Congrats! As a suggestion you might want to try the anti-stretch cream from Clarins. In my opinion and experience it´s amazing - nice fragrance, easy to absorb (although it needs a little massage) and has a perfect tube size that lasts a while...27 semanas?! Crack!