Thursday, January 8, 2015

Keeping in shape during pregnancy: Yoga and Pilates

I´ve always been a fan of Pilates and just before my pregnancy, I was hitting the studio 2-3 times a week. But during the first trimester I was too exhausted to exercise at all, so it wasn´t until the second trimester that I felt like doing any other thing than cycling to and from work every day.

My lovely Pilates studio Bodyvita did not have any group lessons for pregnancy Pilates and the private training session is a tad expensive so I had to look for alternatives. I tried several studios in Amsterdam but I´ve narrowed it down to my 2 favorites and where I usually go for my preggy lessons:

Joyful Yoga - the pregnancy classes are small, cozy and you stretch, get full of positive energy, meditate, and receive a mini head massage, all in 1h15! Natasha gives these fantastic classes on Thursday afternoons (18:30) and Saturday mornings (but I must confess these are toooooo early for me at 9:30...)

Anna Mora Pilates Studio - the pregnancy lessons are always full and the teacher Lacey, is lovely and full of energy. They are also not too early in the morning (10:45), so there is no excuse to not attend!

TIP: Download the MindBody app, where you can book your classes in all of the above mentioned, or if you don´t live nearby, it will show you the nearest studios to your home!

(pictures from Joyful Yoga and Studio Mora Facebook pages)

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